The Roots

Matilda is the name of our grandmother, my Abuelita. Our business represents the values of love, culture, and history that our grandmother passed on to us. Her recipes bring those values to life.  She was a woman of strong faith, integrity, and perseverance. The memories I hold dear to my heart are those of my Abuelita always being a loving and joyful person. We want every Matilda customer to feel that joy and love, and be part of our family, with every bite of one of our hearty pastelitos.



We are a family owned and operated business inspired by my Abuelita’s recipes and Dominican heritage.  Ana Maitlide, my Abuelita, migrated to the United States in the 1960’s from her hometown of Santiago de Los Caballeros.  She came to the United States in hopes of providing a better life for my mother and her siblings.  My Abuelita was very proud of her heritage and made it her priority to ensure that our lives were continuously filled with culture, language, and amazing recipes! Matilda Fine Food has taken the gifts of recipes and infused them into our own creations.  We specialize in the art of the perfect pastelitos. Our pastelitos are made with local artisan dough and fresh local ingredients.  

Creating the perfect pastelitos is always a pleasant experience for Chef Tony as he  always helped in the kitchen as a child.  While his older brothers played sports, at the age of 14, Chef Tony was in the kitchen learning to cook classic Dominican dishes such as rice and beans, stewed chicken, ‘Sancocho’ and plantains. Under the tutelage of his mother, Anny, and his beloved Abuelita, Chef Tony was inspired to take the recipes that were passed down to him and add a twist which infused his personality with every new creation. Chef Tony graduated from Johnson and Wales University in Providence in 2012 with a degree in Culinary Arts. His time at Johnson and Wales University helped expand his culinary knowledge in fine dining, new world and french cuisine. Since graduating from Johnson and Wales University, Chef Tony secured an internship at Gillette Stadium, was employed in Food Management Services at Brandeis University and was a General Manager at Au Bon Pain. While working in these leadership positions in the food industry Chef Tony dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and starting his own food business. 

After the birth of his twin boys in 2017, Chef Tony was inspired and had the courage/ gusto to step out on his own and pursue his dream. He envisioned a food business that included the gifts his Abuelita gave him; language, culture, family, and recipes! 

He settled on his speciality of creating his famous pastelitos

The Vision

Our goal is to continue to participate at farmers markets to eventually transition our business into a food truck. We hope to continue to develop our business even beyond that, and eventually emerge into a brick and mortar.  We also want to explore more opportunities such as: catering, cocktail hours, late-night wedding snacks, and  more pop-ups at breweries, etc. We would also like to further extend our product and delve into producing flash frozen pastelitos to distribute across states. Most importantly, we look forward to creating more traditions for our business. We will continue our once a year holiday season food give away and look into creating more.